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2023-01-25 15:24:18 (UTC)


I wonder if my husband knows I orgasm quietly each morning next to him while he is asleep. This morning I massaged my breasts with a nice oil before going lower. Breast massages feel so healthy and sensual. So at least I managed to stay away from porn and take care of myself in healthier ways.

Last night my husband and I went to a Bible study, something about that is very intimate, and we have been more intimate lately. Still not sex but small kisses that neither of us want to stop.

I wonder if I’m going to be this sentimental all day?

It’s interesting watching him discover the Bible. I grew up with it. Things like in Romans where it talks about all being part of the same ‘body’ and just as one part is important, so is another, each with their own function or part to pla. He hears these things for the first time and finds them fascinating and I remember that I was once fascinated by that idea as well.

I am doing a version of Bible journaling where you draw right on the text (if you Google ‘Bible journaling drawing’ you get good examples), and it has been a really fun way of studying the Bible. And I figure some day a grandchild or someone will get this Bible.

Ok so sex and the Bible, I’m in an interesting mood today… huh.

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