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The Importance of Being Earnest...and Frank
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2023-01-25 10:18:00 (UTC)

18 And Loving It

3:19am Wednesday

Keeping it real short!
- Sleepy ride home. No Gym, but a good sleep for sure.
- Daughter turned 18! Sister's cooked/made her a breakfast/dinner for all of us. Probably more during the day but I was asleep.
- Got those VA Zoom calls, weight watching plus a new one, exercising in an office setting. Whatever works. 💘
- "The Runs" only lasted that day...thank goodness.
- Watched M3GAN, it was good/fine. Enjoyed it without trying to figure out how they did it ("just a movie").
- I started eating more fruit! And went down in size in coffee...hey it's a start.
- I turn the loaner car in today, no worries.

- Have a good one!! 🌷

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