Sex, Alchemy and Craigslist
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2023-01-25 01:08:41 (UTC)

The Beau

We spent a week apart because we had a misunderstanding. I'm really enjoying being with an adult. He communicates, he expresses what he feels. He believes in boundaries, we are both healing individuals and are willing to work on ourselves.

He is sexy as fuck and thinks the same of me. We are happy.

We spoke to extensively about what are our expectations. He thinks I treat him like a sex object. 😈 I want to be the gf who gets taken out to lunch, and gets chocolate and flowers bought for.

We both like movies and talked about "Everything Everywhere All at Once." He has seen it and thinks it should win in all it's categories. I'm looking forward to watching it on cable. Angela Bassett and Jamie Lee Curtis are both up for Best Supporting Actress. I'm excited about the Oscars.

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