Joe Martin's Custodial Chronicles
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2023-01-25 04:23:28 (UTC)

Fly me to the Moon

I got a call yesterday about a penis drawn on the back of the handball wall. It was a tiny penis. I guess nobody is really happy with a tiny penis. They put a sign over the drawing and it was really obvious to the kids that something was up. The penis was up. It was one of those really restrictive signs that are all over the school telling the student body what level of noise that is expected of them at any given building or event. Zero to four or five depending on the situation and setting. They really micro manage the heck out of these kids. A noise level for P.E.? What's next? A sign in the bathrooms to tell them what level noise their flatulence should make. You can really feel the tension these little inmates feel being held down like this.
I was able to rub out the penis without to much of the paint on the wall coming off. Our old boss used to call the drawings "rocket ships" since they resembled them.
You need to look closely these days to tell where the real Dicks are.

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