Lost for words at times
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2023-01-25 04:58:29 (UTC)

Manchild Apology/Deathcore/Passion

I had a text of him asking if he could take me to work tonight. Ok, l can deal with that my second night in and l didn't sleep particularly good. I was intrigued if he would mention anything about the other night or the fact that l cancelled our guitar lesson Sunday.
He knocked on the back door just after 6pm, l noticed he had something in his hand, but didn't really pay any attention as he was apologising about his daughter waking me up and the whole fiasco. He was very humbling which was odd behaviour from him.

He then handed me over a cd saying sorry. Omg! It was Lorna Shore, Pain Remains.πŸŽΈπŸ€˜πŸ–€ Apology accepted!
I'm far too easily pleased. My favourite Deathcore Album, l say this because for me it's Deathcore enters the romantic sideπŸ–€
My favourite tracks from this album are Pain Remains trilogy starting with Dancing Like Flames. To me this is pure sorrow and heartache. The harsh vocal's of Will Ramos are outstanding. Numerous times i've been reduced to tears by his voice. Vocalised with such passion and with lyrics like..

🎡A wrinkle in time
Take what is left of my life
Before you go, show me what it's like to finally know
The face behind the silhouette
In this world I made to be infinite
But within the expanse, I finally see
A world without you isn't meant for me

Where do you go when I close my eyes?
What do you see looking back at me?
Am I just a ghost just like you, caught between the
Seams of two intertwining melodies?🎡

What more could l wantπŸ–€

Must dash 4am checks at work looming.

Until next time, take care of you x