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2023-01-24 21:23:00 (UTC)

Deeper Down

"Just a little deeper."

As you lead me to a room, luring me with a grip on my shoulder.

Knowing very well the cost if I made entry, without showing acknowledgement of knowing it to be so.

You seemed always keen when whispering in my ear all the things you wished to tell me, things that you know I would generally dislike hearing from you.

But at this point I'm keeping score, of how many times I am entitled to repay it forward.

For now I'll pretend I didn't hear a word, distract myself to avoid the clear distribution.

You weren't ever really worthy of true honest reaction, which is why I've maintained effortlessly the same unfazed demeanor.

Because quite frankly, whatever you have to deliver onto me.

Could never compare to what I've been through without your knowledge of.

I've kept secrets even from you as well, things I simply would have never told you willingly.

You proved long ago that decision was a validated one.

So I'll keep my secrets, intentions, and true reactions to myself.

My genuine thought upon matters concerning this whole song and dance.

For now anything else will do to avoid the doorway and giving you any gratification of trapping me.

Been nice chatting with my friend from here
Hella cute in pink
Go figure

Made myself an anime that I thought looks pretty close to myself

The narcissist called three times today
Wanting me to send my photos I have
I know why
And it’s not going to happen
That’s why they look at other women for
I’m not going there
They chose to stand firm and say it’s ok to look just can’t talk or touch
So go look elsewhere
Not here
They had their chance
They blew it
And I’m not going to be used like that

Just wrote that because they just called asking
And when I said no
They hung up

Girlfriend comes to pick me up tomorrow morning
We are going to lunch
Then I have my appointments

Still no word from social security
They sure are taking their good old time with stuff

I will go into more depth tomorrow on what all has been going through my mind lately
I’m a bit tired tonight
Slight headache

Looks like CJ left
Didn’t say a word
Just left or blocked
Oh well

Till tomorrow

⚘ Love 🌹Alice🌹
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