Subtropical Lady

Where Pelicans Fly
2023-01-24 21:59:14 (UTC)

Hanging in There

Why do the small planes in the helicopters feel obligated to make up for the lack of commercial planes when the commercials aren’t flying over us?

Even though my sleep score was only 80, nothing woke me up. Not the mowers and not him taking the motorcycle out like he usually does on Tuesdays. Tom was grabbing the mail when he saw the lady behind the honker trying unsuccessfully to start her motorcycle. Who knows how long I’m gonna have to listen to her fixing it? Hopefully, I’ll be asleep and under the sound machine. I’m just glad she’s further away!

Yesterday ended up being better than the day before. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. My day started off a little on the warm side today despite being only 73 degrees in the house. Reading around suggests that that and the elevated HR (although the HR is fine right now) could be connected to menopause, but I haven’t yet found anything that says a hot flash can go on for hours at a time. Usually, it's seconds to minutes. I still don’t think anything is wrong with my heart, but that’s what I said about the HIDA scan…that it would be normal. So I’m definitely looking forward to settling my curiosity and getting answers once and for all when the GI stuff is out of the way. I want a doctor to tell me I’m fine, don’t worry, or yeah, you’ve got a problem and this is what we can do about it.

Except for feeling really hot, Jessie has had similar symptoms and all kinds of tests done. Her cardiologist couldn’t come up with a reason for why she was having those symptoms but wasn’t worried either.

Besides peace of mind and hopefully some answers, I’m just about due to get another stress echo test done anyway. Plus, an EKG. I was surprised to learn from Jess that Apple watches have EKG monitors. She says she likes the peace of mind of knowing that if she passes out, they’ll send an ambulance. Fitbit notifies you if they detect A-fib and fortunately, I haven’t gotten any notifications. So more than likely, my heart is fine but I want an expert to tell me so.

JK Rowling is in the news again. Oh, shut up, you gay/Jew-hating bigot! Never read any of her books and never will. Not my genre. And even if it was, no one should be supporting such a piece of shit like her.