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Starting over
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2023-01-24 21:29:48 (UTC)

never pointless

On Chad's birthday one of his old girlfriends posted a nice wish for him on facebook. Some girl commented "I had a crush on him in school and never told him and I regret it. I thought he wouldn't like me cuz he was so skinny but looking back I now realize he was hitting on me haha" his friend wrote that was adorable then the other girl wrote 'he was so sweet I've never told anyone that cuz it's pointless now but every time I see his pic I think of it. His friend wrote 'he was the sweetest and most kind soul I ever met'

I wrote "it's never pointless, I needed to see this today, I am Chad's mom, thanks <3

She wrote 'wow, that means a lot because all these years I felt unsettles that he'd never know so I'm glad you do. I'm glad to help you feel better on his heavenly birthday. thank you too for saying something

Then my daughter wrote 'girl your thought is never pointless. He is my brother and I speak about him all the time. I even learn stuff about him when I bump into a friend of his and we chat. I love it. Nobody had forgot him. His soul still really does live on.

The girl went on to tell some more stories about Chad, then ended with asking where he was buried so she could go visit him and get her he was cremated. No one responded to her yet...kind of let that go

Oh well, got to get off here and get a text from Mike

He is working the night shift at the bean factory at 10pm.

Yes!!!!!!! God I love that man and I love that not only is he always willing to take care of my oversexualized needs (due to I believe ADHD and not just anxieties, maybe I have both who knows and who cares) I love the fact that we are joking with each other again, that makes my heart happy

Piece begins with me!

My roomie from rehab has to move and the place she is moving too will only allow her either her cat or dog, so she asked me if would take her male cat who looks so much like my Panther and he is a lover too, I would but my Princess like being an only child (she ignores the fact that we have a dog) and I just can't do that to her right now as much as I wanted too. See I am studing about ADHD and I just controlled my impulse control to take it haha I am a wonderous work in progress

now I have to go get the factory ready for business