Notes of Consciousness

Compressed Emotion Repressed Cognition
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2023-01-25 02:24:14 (UTC)

Why are dreams so mysterious ..

Why are dreams so mysterious when it’s basically describing what’s being seen as if it’s being seen in real-time in the waking world
And there’s nothing really mysterious about describing what’s seen in the waking world

But this dream has all the elements of the waking world
There was nothing mysterious or unreal about it

But i guess since it was a dream it automatically is seen as being symbolic

But the waking world has to be just as symbolic

And I think that’s what my brain does

It tries to find symbolism in every piece of information

My brain is just not as good as others with interpreting the symbolism

But I really think the symbolism is everywhere

But what is the symbolism for
What does symbolism help the person know
Is it a type of foresight
If there’s foresight and hindsight
What’s the present perspective called


There were three fishing rods left upright on a Seawall with the lines in the water and as I walked past them they all started to bend as if something was ready to be reeled in

As soon as this happened I ran near the water and peaked over the ledge to see two crabs had been caught

And I looked over to see the third line and a dolphin peeked its head out the water with something in its mouth and a crab on its head

I was helping a guy carry all of his cherished belongings to an open field where his elders had a farm

It was all his memories of when he was popular in high school

Huge memories the size of Ferris wheels that had experiences of adoration in them and female companionship

I couldn’t keep up with the weight of them and I lost my breath

But we made it to the open field and there was a machine in the middle of it and the machine watered the field in a circular motion

The field had a mixture of green and dried grass

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