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2079-01-25 01:55:14 (UTC)

BoybandPH In That 70s Show Scenes:

August 28, 2018:
BoybandPH Members Talked To Maris:
At Maris' House: Maris' Bedroom: BoybandPH Members are watching Bowling Full Show, after Maris stepped out:
Maris: Joao?
Joao: Maris, we're came home first, and your mom just called me.
Maris: Yeah, umm Rolas and I were hangover without you. (opens my laptop, gets Hangover video)
(Rolas: Drink more Maris, before you beat the football!)
Ford: I think it was her.
Niel: Maris, you are 18, you are too young to drink beer.
Maris: I know Niel, I know. Chill please. (opens the fridge, gets sprite and orange pop, closes)
August 31, 2018:
Niel accidentally tooked a picture of a naked Maris:
November 14, 2018:
Detention BoybandPH and Maris:
November 15, 2018:
Late Evacuate Snake for the BoybandPH:

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