cutters life
2023-01-25 01:44:35 (UTC)

kms fr

it's my dad's birthday but he doesn't want to spend it with me he wants to spend it with his gf and her kid. I'm in my room taunted by their laugh. my eyes are red, and I've been holding back tears. i flicked my friend today as a joke but then he started to yell at me saying 'stop! ive already had a bad day." I know how it is but he was just laughing with me a second ago. i felt really bad for ruining his day even more but he also made me want to cry. i haven't cried in like a month. my eye bags are getting darker my headaches are getting bad again my shirts and pants getting uglier my stomach getting chubbier. my dads gf kid keeps texting me he knows im sad he was actually the first person to know i cut myself so i put alot of trust in him. ok bye cuz ima go cry.