Notes of Consciousness

Compressed Emotion Repressed Cognition
2023-01-25 01:42:52 (UTC)

What is the need to experience ..

What is the need to experience existence while existing

It’s bigger than that

It’s bigger than an identity
It’s bigger than personalities
It’s bigger than life itself

So what is being experienced right now if it’s not reality itself

The measurements of one’s own dimensions based on another’s brain configurations

But it’s bigger than brain configurations

It’s bigger than language

How can one experience it
Could it even be experienced

It’s a sensation
It’s a feeling
It’s intuition
All combined into one knowing of knowing

It’s the motivation towards motivation

It’s never seen in an individual while every individual simultaneously believes it’s being seen in them

It’s bigger than an internal self and external self

It’s bigger than reality

It is reality

The goal of goals
But what happens when one achieves its status of being seen

It’s the entity of entities

It’s an alternate version of evolution

It’s the parallel reality while being capable of existing inside this reality

The completeness of a person on the inside

It’s the completeness that one intuitively knows they are

But the person only gets measured by the social world based on fragments of what they present represent and manifest

And the fragments are what’s weighed and measured labeled with value and passed along the conveyor

But it’s bigger than that

It’s as if a person can’t completely rely on someone else’s measurements while simultaneously having to depend on others for reflection

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