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2023-01-24 21:30:59 (UTC)

I Don't Need To Be Completed ❤️

Everyone always told me I’d find the one that completed me someday..
The thing is, I don’t need to be completed, fixed, or saved.
I’m whole just the way I am.
Maybe I’m a little jagged around the edges and there’s a crack or two, but I’ve earned every bit of my worth the hard way.
I’ve fought to find myself when they told me I couldn’t do it alone.
I’ve been to rock bottom and clawed my way back to the top.
No, I didn’t need a hero to save me or a knight to sweep me off my feet..
I saved myself the way I always knew I could.
So, forgive me if I don’t feel like kissing frogs in search of a prince and don’t want to pine away for love needlessly.
I’m using my time to love myself more and enjoy the beauty of the life I’ve built.
If someone wants to come knocking on my door in search of my heart, they better be prepared..
My walls are high but my heart is open but I learned a long time ago never to settle for less than I deserve and always demand the best.
But I’m not waiting around on a fairy tale, happily ever after, or destiny..
What’s meant to be will be, so I’m going to keep my face to the sunlight and the wind at my back as I chase my dreams and live in the moment.
Maybe love will come calling or maybe it won’t, that’s not really up to me to decide.
What is my choice, though, is how I live my life and the love I share with the people in my life.
This life of ours is too short to have regrets or unfulfilled wishes..
So, excuse me while I go plunge headfirst into another adventure that sets my soul on fire.
No matter which way the wind blows me, I’ll keep adjusting my sails to get where I’m going.
It’s just me, my dreams, and the open road of life..
And I’ve got nowhere to be but happy.