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2023-01-24 19:01:02 (UTC)

Worse day so far...

I have to call them this week...if this thing does not calm down...a little. It feels bigger....I can barely move....
made the mistake of taking a laxative this morning at 4am...and at 4:30, had a real good normal, having already taken the laxative.....and not much inside of my body....this day....has been very miserable...very.

He told me today after going over the instructions for the colonoscopy...that they want me to take 4 of those laxatives...before beginning the drinking of the terrible tasting stuff.... 4? I think not. One, those instructions were given to me before the hernia...and no, I am not doing that shit. Matter a fact...I will be calling the surgeon and try to get in an appointment to see him or one of this asap. This is getting scary for us....and my husband is a wreck...

My doctor...the one taking care of this colon thing...can not help me if he does not know what is going on....I know that...and taking not a good thing. I do not eat enough to warrant all, a sit down...let him see what is he can come up with a new plan. Got the insurance letter today saying I am approved for 6 days in the I am gonna be in there....let's get this right the first time.

This hernia was the size of an is the size of an orange. Time to share he is prepared...and updated....and has a better chance of taking care of I can actually come back home....instead of to the funeral palor. is scary.