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2023-01-18 22:25:27 (UTC)

Nowadays I am a ghost in a lot ..

Nowadays I am a ghost in a lot of places. There are two major reasons:
1) We are introduced to many new subjects, and they needed my undivided attention. I don't like to stay blank in class. I love to interact with teachers by asking questions or telling a few answers if they are asking any questions. If I have zero knowledge about the subject, I have to stay silent. This is why some extra efforts were needed. A lot of background self-study was needed. As I am rocking with my new teachers and I gained a reputation around them, now I can live my normal life. Now I know things will go perfectly.
2) Another strange but good thing happened to me. At the end of December, I joined a community randomly. Now, legally I am one of the governing members of that community. That offer came to me on its own. I did not put any effort into it. I was new and I casually talked to a few people about random stuff, like, casual chit-chat. And last week they asked me to join their governing body. I did not deny this offer. Why would I? Many people dream of it. Most importantly, if I am going somewhere, I would prefer to have decision-making power. I would even love to lead. This is me. If it was not going to come such easily, sooner or later I was going to work on it. I don't like to be a part of the crowd. I feel like the luckiest human in every aspect of my life. Imagine, if the beginning of 2023 is like this, how much happy would I feel when December will come?
On Friday, I am going to meet my friends. Actually, it will be a double date. I am really excited.
In terms of my marriage, I feel like we are married for the last 25 years. The new-new thing is over. I mean, now I even know when he farts. But our friendship is growing stronger. Neither I feel mad at him the way I used to feel nor he does anything stupid. We can understand each other better. Coordination in between us is increasing smoothly. Anyway, I am glad about his work. He is doing whatever he wanted to do. He is happy.