Pillar of Light

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2023-01-24 12:49:30 (UTC)


I been occupied so I haven’t written in a while….

- My middle son fainted in school last week. He’s a healthy kid and this never happened to him before. Thankfully I was home when the school called so I rushed over. The nurse was already taking care of him and he felt fine but I took him to the ER. Everything checked out.

-I had a weekend trip with my chorus. There were singing classes and a night show which we performed in. It was really nice! During one of the classes I was called up to sing part of a song in front of a full room of singers! I didn’t want to do it but I couldn’t say no. It feels like I got something out of the way. It wasn’t terrible, and I had so many ladies come to me after and say how brave I was and I did good.

-The romance stuff..,,So the new guy I spoke briefly about. I’ll call him Billy. He lives in another state so we haven’t met in person. We have been chatting and sexting. It moved way too quickly to be normal. A strong connection is there without even knowing much about each other. He told me he loves me, and I said it back not realizing how serious he was. I’m still confused about this whole thing.

-I am still seeing Gavin, but I’m not as into him anymore. We did meet up last week and had great sex. He’s really perfect for me but I know that he’ll never do anything to be happy. He says it himself that he’s too chicken. And sometimes he still asks me if I feel guilty about cheating on our spouses. I really don’t like that. If he feels guilty he shouldn’t be doing it, and probably not fully enjoying it.

That’s all for now to catch up.