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Starting over
2023-01-24 06:21:52 (UTC)

Employee of the month

When I got home from work yesterday, Mike had text that he was at the store, then when he got home before we even ate, he had to 'clock in at the bean factory'. He said it was going to be a quickie, can't remember why (once he touches me, I honestly hear nothing, I am somewhere up in space) anyways, like I said before he has no idea on what a quickie means, so 45 minutes later we were finally ready to eat.

Honestly at this point I was spent, actually tired for the first time in a long time it feels like, but after we went to back to bed I was teasing and grabbed my phone "hello, what? are you kidding me? hang on I will ask" Mike was like who is that? what is happening? I just said 'someone is calling off the night shift at the bean factory and want to know if you can fill in' Mike said "I quit" He is such a goof ball too (why we work) anyways, he proceeded to report to 'work' God I love that man. I know his back was hurting so he got up to go sit on the heating pad in the living room, he was only gone for like 30 minutes (I was still floating back in and out of space so there is no concept of time) anyways....and this might be a part of my diary that may be a lie, I am not sure if I dreamed this or not....but I believe he came back for a 3rd shift, or it could just be the 2nd time all blurred together...still, I can't get this shit eating grin off my face this morning, I am happy, actually happy today, right now.

I am happy, I must have gotten an overdose of serotonin and dopamine....thanks to the Bean factory Employee of the Month

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