Notes of Consciousness

Compressed Emotion Repressed Cognition
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2023-01-24 06:31:14 (UTC)

What if they had an ..

What if they had an educational system where the curriculum only consisted of students sharing their dreams that they had the night before

Or a family that always made it a point to have conversations about what each member of the family dreamt about


To marry one’s self and impregnate the world


Why are dreams so difficult to explain

So many images happening at once that connect themselves to so many feelings

The pavement was glaring brightly from the afternoon sun

It seemed to be in the middle of a small town
The street was concrete but gave an essence of white landscape rock

I saw a person parking themselves on one side just to walk to the other side of the street and change clothes to get on a bicycle while a few guys watched her

As I walked on the left side of the street I noticed that the ditch was flooded so I walked to the other side by some bushes and from the other side of the bushes a kid appeared and got startled

I apologized to the kid and told him that I didn’t want to get my feet wet but my shoes were already soaked at that point

He had a pet snake wrapped around his body
And told me there was a birthday party down the road and across the wooden fence

And I walked a bit more down the road and when I looked down I saw there was a beige lizard that resembled a little dinosaur and it jumped at me to latch onto my lips