Lost for words at times
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2023-01-24 04:51:16 (UTC)

I'm not a happy mummy!

Ooh dear lord here l go again complaining. My youngest son, the other week l mentioned l saw him have what l thought was his lastest tattoo being done on instagram live. Great, still out of site. Nothing that clothes can't cover up. Then today he messaged me.. he let it slip that he is awaiting for the other tattoo to be completed. That he had to have it done in stages because of where it was located. Right! Ok, where is it and when did you have this started? "Over christmas Mummy" he replies. I last saw him christmas eve.
He then sends me a picture. I'm left speechless, l don't have no word's.Off course l couldn't say what l thought.
I gave birth to a perfect baby boy. Now he has loads of tattoo's, stretched ear lobes, numerous piercing's now a bloody throat tattoo. Why? I am not very happy, didn't he think this through? Just how many more tattoo's is going to have? I know it's his body and he can do as he choose's but why?
This has been since Kylo passed away. He has everything from star wars, to the joker which he says represent's his mental health. Now this? What is this representing in his head? I work in mental health and this one escapes me, am l missing something?
I love my baby boy very much. I'm just shocked he has had that done. No infact i'm upset. People can be so judgemental about body art and l don't want him to go through that.

Totally lost for word's!