Slowly descending into madness
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2023-01-24 05:07:43 (UTC)

Animated movies and rumours again

Let's start with the rumours. A friend of mine casually asked me if I had smoked weed at TSC and I was like girl what the fuck no. The last time I smoked weed was last year March and that's nowhere near TSC. Heck I don’t even smoke cigarettes let alone weed. Apparently someone told me he/she saw me smoking. I wonder what else I have to hear about myself from other people.

Other than that there's another incident happened, I'll write it later. Let's go to movie reviews. Yes, I watched 2 recently and both were animated.

Rango: Not much to say. I like the story. It was unique yes. I liked the characters as well. I saw the twist coming within an hour. If I compare it with Coco, Coco was v v unexpected. Well, in Rango, you can guess what happens next.

Wall - e: One of the best pixar movies I've ever seen. The plot wasn’t unique in a sense I read a lot of sci-fi books. So yes I have read a lot of books like this plot. But the making, the execution these were new to me on screen. I loved it. Specially the robots fall in love and I find it v v cute and innocent in a sense when humans fall in love, one of things that drives love and relationship is the probability of having sex and this is natural. So you see, robots falling in love = cute and innocent. I LOVED THIS MOVIE.

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