Notes of Consciousness

Compressed Emotion Repressed Cognition
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2023-01-23 20:18:03 (UTC)

Could the spirit mechanics and ..

Could the spirit mechanics and physics of perception be just as concrete as the classical perception of reality appears to be

How did the two perspectives of reality merge together at the same time

Two separate and distinct entities somehow finding themselves in close proximity and ending up blending into one another
To the point where they’ve become one and the same
But they each individually are from different origins

There has to be a mediator of communication between the two entities that have evolved
: A translator of sorts

Spirit is like what fossil fuel is to the classical perspective of reality

The symbolism of unearthing the past

13. 8 billion years ago has said to be the birth date of the universe

So that would mean similar origin of spirit lineage

So if both classical and spirit perspectives of reality have origins
Where does the “me” or “I” come from
And how does it get involved in the richness of history


Is consciousness another entity that has a birth date too

Is it like an object that crash landed into their sphere

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