The lonely codependent

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2023-01-23 19:40:12 (UTC)

God's instructions are vague

Ok, I'm fed up trying to guess who is telling the truth and who isn't, who is a narcissist and who isn't, where I belong and where I don't, all this is driving me crazy.

God, you need to stop this and start giving me clear instructions. I'm praying to you to show me the truth. Not the truth that works for others but the truth that works in my life and helps me achieve the goals that you want me to reach.

I think it is time for me now to be humble towards you, which I was not planning to do and not because others say this is what I should do. I just want to know if I'm on the right path. If you want me to "unblock" you that's fine but I don't want to do it in the wrong way and fall for the wrong people again.

It bothers me very much that everything is so complicated these ways. Even when it comes to choosing a religion as it should be only about you and God. But in many cases it is definitely not simple as that. And I definitely did not need another question like this because I'm already questioning everything about and around myself...

By the way, I'm kinda trying to tempt my friend with benefits at the moment (I've asked God to send me a boyfriend a million times but he still doesn't want to so there's not much I can do about that, sorry). The stress is so big that I need this again... as I'm losing my inner stability, it seems so.