Evolving marriage
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2023-01-23 01:08:16 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Good Morning,
Our last wk by the ocean. And its been sunny now and beautiful. Sat out on the deck yesterday for awhile. Sunday was a do nothing kinda day other then laundry and we cooked dinner.

I have about an hour then I head out for my meeting, Im doing the speaker portion. 10 min, so rehearsing in my head, Im gonna wing it.

It will be my last time at this meeting while Im here. Always enjoy it, its my home meeting, where I first ended up a good 4 plus yrs ago and thus got into 12 step groups. I come from an alcoholic home, Im not an alcoholic, so more for families and children of alcoholics. My Dad was.

Im actually happy to be here and wouldnt mind being here longer. Normally on trips you are ready to go home. But because we have been coming here for 4yrs now. To this same house, its comfortable. And my husband has settled into liking and enjoying it here also. So it works well. Hes working upstairs and can go out on the deck and see the beautiful views out the windows. Yesterday I went up and opened the slider up there to let in the fresh air as its nice enough out for that now. Had the place opened up.

Got my period on thurs night during our last hurrah in bed, so took a time out. Not that we are against it, but I was going to be sore and my nipples were so sore, I couldnt even stand to have them touched in the slightest, so said its time to take a break!

We have been pretty active this whole trip, so may resume again this eve? We shall see.

Im happy here and I know its cold and snow back home. Im enjoying the nice weather when I can, its cool for California but still warm for us. Which has always been a good time of yr for us to come here to break up that winter weather.

Later, have a good Monday everyone!

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