Diary of me
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2023-01-17 08:48:43 (UTC)


Cruelty is never justified and very often people forget about it. No, you know do not forget. People always know that cruelty is always unjustified, but their animal guts wishes this cruelty. Therefore, in the games of the military they are shown by creatures that have lost any humanity and the boundary of at least minimal morality. There is no concept of gray morality, there is either a lack of morality or its presence in an individual. The term gray morality was invented to justify the animal behavior of people. That is why I am an atheist, because even the North American of the values is built on Christian forgiveness simply dust in the eyes, fiction. They are as cruel as everyone on Earth. Their police and the army, officials and civil servants violate the laws of simple morality clearly described in all cultural codes on Earth. The same cries and insults, the same absolutely absurd prohibitions and a frantic desire to harm those who are something better than them because of banal envy or as revenge for the insults by other people who are given to them or disagree with their opinion. I have been here for so long and so tired of everything, I can’t return home, if I believed in God, I would pray him for mercy, they became just a background noise for me, they talk about nothing, they consider deception for politeness, frank Mental violations for the opinion, their system of values is absolutely distorted, they are deaf to all around even the people closest to them, if the law had not forbidden their canbalism, I would see thousands of restaurants with human meat, so low the level of education and morality in North America. They ignore any advice or criticism or respond with aggression. In this country, a nuclear physicist can go to church every Sunday and pray to God and then continue his work that consists in refuting the theory of God and any concept of religion without thinking about his being. This is disgusting both the stacks of human morality and from the point of common sense and logic. Here in Orthodox churches, Catholic priests consecrate Easter bread and eggs, which in Orthodox Christianity symbolize phallic symbols, this was done in compromise with paganism and Christianity for the adoption of Christianism in Eastern Europe. They are sick. It's just a country of crazy people who don't even follow their own rules. As if the spray of moronism sprayed here and everyone was dull to the level of plants.