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2023-01-22 21:27:22 (UTC)

Letting Go... ❤️

I got up this morning and realized I had been focused so much on how hard my life has been lately and hadn’t been paying attention to the bigger picture.
Instead of learning, growing, and trying to get stronger from the obstacles I have been overcoming, I was too caught up in wondering “why me?”
I had been too busy focusing on my troubles and not appreciating my blessings.
Yes, life has been challenging lately.
But it’s also been full of beautiful moments that I’ve been overlooking…
And that stops now.
I’m surrounded by a lot of love and amazing people and it’s time I stepped back and embraced that.
I’m letting go of yesterday’s troubles, today’s problems, and tomorrow’s worries.
I’ve decided to start seeing the good in everything- trying to learn from everything that comes my way.
I know I’m still going to stumble and fall, lose my way and even get hurt by people in my life, but that doesn’t mean I can’t emerge better from it all.
I can go down in flames and still rise from the ashes stronger.
My dreams don’t have an expiration and my life isn’t measured by what I’ve done, what I have or where I’ve been.
Rather, I’ll cherish the blessings, soak in the beautiful moments and enjoy the people in my life.
Because when it’s all said and done, no one will remember what I did or had, but how I made them feel…
And in this life, in these moments, I want to be a light more than ever.
More happiness, more strength, and more joy.
The journey will teach me who I am and make me better for each misstep, failure, and battle, but it’s up to me to enjoy the time I have.
So, starting today, in every way, I’m just going to keep living and loving..
And maybe, just maybe, learn to fly along the way.