Notes of Consciousness

Compressed Emotion Repressed Cognition
2023-01-23 00:23:15 (UTC)

the classical evolution of a ..

the classical evolution of a self
The quantum evolution of a self
The spirit evolution of a self
The immeasurable calibration of all states of self

But the tricky part is that all individuals are simultaneously trying to achieve the calibration of self

So that creates compression and stunting of the evolutionary mechanisms

So what happens is that it has to depend on hierarchical structures for one to evolve over another

In other words

It heavily depends on social environments of how one is able to exercise and apply one’s calibration of evolution

But this helps make sense of why only the classical state of self is only able to evolve in social interactions

Because the classical state of social mechanics is readily available and all too apparent for one to make sense of

And in this realm of writing thought
The quantum state of self is alllowed evolutionary application but still restricted to a stunted and compressed state

Due to the hierarchical structures still set in place

And the spirit state of self evolves somehow in dreams and intuition
I’m guessing

this is all a guess

But it’s all a distribution of a self that’s needed : input - process - output

To repair
To replicate

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