Lost for words at times
2023-01-23 01:12:00 (UTC)

I think i've been mean to Manchild

Friday night, much to my reluctance. I agreed to entertaining manchild. I was alittle hesitant due to past experience with him. We went to grab something to eat from a local chippy. On the way he is playing his music as per normal. Sun//Eater it took me a few minutes to process who it was. Sun eater, sun eater l repeated is that Lorna Shore? "Yeah" he goes. "I didn't think you liked them"? I said, as I remembered playing them back last year at my house, and manchild being very opinionated about the deathcore vocalist Will Ramos harsh vocal's.
"Ooh right! So now you like them?" I said "Yeah there ok, better than that blues shit you've been playing"๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜So you brought their album? Music that you wasn't familar with until l played them, being he doesn't have spotify or any other music player apps. "Yes, obviously" was his replie.
I knew from that moment, everything was going to be heading in the wrong direction.
He pulls up outside the chippy. l stayed in the car wondering what the hell l was doing. He has the right's listen to or change his mind about any band or genre of music. Just like how l did when l first played it without criticism. Where acting like kids with a tit for tat situation going on.
He came back to the car with our dinner, for him to say he had brought his son something and had to drop it off first. Ok that's cool.
He drops his son's food off. As where driving away from the munster house he tells me his son is out. So he left in it the middle oven on 150! Hadn't you better call him and let him know. Nah, it will be ok. He said he wouldn't be out long. He sent him a text instead.
We got back to my place, l put on Lorna Shore for the first time in his presence without fear of persecution. We devoured our yummy fish & chips.
Perfect! Thank you.

I noticed time was going fast. Hadn't you best call your son to find out of he is back home? Concerned that manchild's oven had been on for over an hour with chips wrapped in paper was still in his oven. He tried calling and texting him no response. He then called his daughter who was on a girl's night out in the next town, to see if she could get hold of the elusive kid.
Ooh this is great! l was thinking, a family affair.
Your have to go home, l said to him. Thinking phew! l got out of this one easily.
Just as he got to my back gate his daughter rang him "he is home." So back came manchild.
We went through to my lounge to watch Breaking Bad which he brought me a few years ago on dvd. l fell asleep. He woke me at midnight telling me to go to bed. Christ!!! Isn't you going home? l thought.
I ran upstairs and put on my grey bear fleece onsie. Nothing will get in that as l allowed him to snuggle up beside me.๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜Œ

2.22am we was both woken up by his phone ringing. What the hell!! He has gone from a Volbeat ring tune to Recreant by Chelsea Grin. Holy moly, l thought all the demons from hell had been unleashed. It was his daughter! off course it was.. she was drunk somewhere in the next town and thought she'd ring daddy and let him know about her night out!
You've got to be fucking kidding me, holy hell l wasn't impressed as i'm one of those people that once i'm awake i'm awake. I got out of bed and went down stair's for a mug of tea. I shouted up if he needed to go and rescue her and got no replie๐Ÿ˜now i'm furious!! Manchild was sleeping his fone dinging with text messages. I sat on the side of my bed playing an online game listening to him snore.

I woke him just after 7 with coffee downstairs. I told him that l wasn't happy being woken up by his daughter. That she could of told him about her night out in the morning. Ooh, it was like poking a bear with a stick, he morphed in nano seconds. I'm not saying she shouldn't be ringing him, just be more time appropriate unless it was an emergancy. I immediately backed down as l didn't want anything to escalate. I thanked him for dinner and showed him the back door and we parted on friendly terms. With him saying he'd be around Sunday for guitar lessons.

Sunday morning came, l woke just after 8am l texted him 'sorry i'm cancelling today as l don't feel so good' "ok" was his replie.
I feel like a monster cancelling him, but l can't be dealing with his shit.
Now, l feel selfish. This has to stay on a friend's page, nothing more.

Anyway, l must try and sleep as it's just after midnight.

Until next time, take care of you x