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2023-01-22 14:45:09 (UTC)

Hard Time, fuck all

Ammu is here from Canada, I guess it has been 3 weeks now. He hadn't planned to but all of sudden he thought as he wasn't keeping well. He was kind panicking as he was all alone and couldn't digest anything, extreme winter was also not bearable. I wasn't very happy with his idea because ticket costed him a lot. But of course happy to see him. I saw him after 8 months and he looked so different, he lost much weight, he looked younger but it was very different meeting him after long time. He hugged me and it was sooo goooddddd.....
Ok now after few days issues started coming out. Amey and I had a big fight in front of my mom. He blamed me for lying, he questioned me in front of them all, his mom too questioned me, she poured out all her anger that she could. I guess it was on purpose in front of my mom. Suddenly I felt distance between ammu and I. I was so stressed. We stopped talking for 4 days. He didn't call or he dint msg. I did and he did not revert. We only talked abt this for 4 days, my sis was mad at my in laws, my mom was sad and stressed also I was stressed. Then when I went back home we fought again. He asked me to get out of the room I got so furious that I packed to get out of the house. His mom and sis came in our room they tried to stop us. But he kept talking shit, I kept quite I was just thinking was it my mistake marrying him or what do I do on this earth? what will happen? is he even a good person?
He went out the house I cleared few issues to his mom. Then his mom made him understand and he came to apologies me I cried. I said him sorry too.. But I dint felt right. I still kept thinking. That night we talked abt few things I told him How I overheard his mom talking shit abt my mom and sis. He refused to come to my sis place because he had all stupid reasons he could give on this earth and all taught my his mom. I feel sad that am married to a mumma's boy a big time. That conversation he shared with his mom and she threw a drama that night. she was aggressive in body language, Ammu and she were behaving weird they were kinda manhandling like pulling bag, throwing bag, talking stubbornly phewww... next day I went to my office and I got a day off from all this drama. that night ammu dint eat or talked to anyone. MIL Ammu and I had an issue solving session. and holy moly the kind of issues they had I was liked god just take my life right now why do I have to suffer this. I cleared few things again Ammu and I had a fight. I upfrontly told them few things. And all this thing stressed me so much, that It took toll on my health. I had so much of anxiety that I vomited, I felt nausea whole week I had to visit doc twice. He told in front of Ammu that I am too much stressed and I should take things easy. But that dint seem to have bothered ammu. He is not that caring. he did tell me to go to my mom place to divert my mind. but couldnt go. other than that I dont see he checking up on me. I did tell him that and he was like no i did bla blaaa.... am trying not to stress. I never felt so pain and stress in heart as I felt during these days. pheww it was difficult. am really afraid of my relation with ammu. we both are trying to know each other. I dont know how much he loves me. he is not much in to me as much he is in to his family . pgewwww... scares me..