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2023-01-21 23:55:26 (UTC)

Ocular Migraine

I think I had one of those silent migraines he sometimes gets. My vision started not so much as flickering, but shimmering in the shape of a C. Ocular migraine was the first thing that came up in a search, although it could also be a precursor to a stroke. I don’t have any pain or other symptoms. It only lasted for about 15 or 20 minutes, so I’m not worried.

I am hella hypo now. I had no idea cutting my waiting time to 15 minutes two days in a row would have this much of an impact. But the scale is a dead giveaway. I’m back to gaining weight from 2 bites of food and having to really watch it. My metabolism is so sluggish that even if I don’t eat for a few hours, I’m still holding my weight. I’m a bit cold too. I actually woke up cold during one of the times I woke up. My face looks like a fucking basketball. It’s really sad that my only choices are to be hypo and feel good physically and emotionally, or not be hypo and feel like shit physically and emotionally. It isn’t just the waiting time, but my own stupidity. I’ve been eating too much junk lately. I need to go back to getting more fresh stuff that isn’t going to have as much sodium in it. I just hope that this is an ideal dose for me! I know it’s not going to put me in the normal range, but I really hope that I’m still under 10 in six weeks when I go to the lab. I just can’t afford to carry any more weight. If I can’t lose, I have to make sure I don’t gain. I’m sick of playing this game, but there’s no denying the connection. Being in the normal range may take some weight off and allow me to get away with eating more but I feel like I'm going to die. It’s just not worth the physical and emotional hell I go through with the anxiety and feeling like I’m on fire and not being able to sleep.

Yesterday was a bad plane day after a few days where they weren’t as noticeable. Then it hit me that when we visited the termite, I never heard any planes and I’m pretty observant. Not at the hotel, not when we were out, and not at her place. I did hear a small plane once when we were talking on the phone. She was sitting out in her lanai and I could clearly hear it through the phone. This is a little surprising because I didn’t think there was any place in this state that wasn’t in a flight path. Jessie probably doesn’t get as many commercial planes as we do, but she does get small plates.