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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2023-01-21 21:03:12 (UTC)

Contradicting ❤️

Yes I'm an extremist, yes I would dance from joy for the tiniest details and a small comment may ruin my day, yes I would fly to the moon of happiness yet my sadness is harshly unbearable, yes I would love with every vain of my heart, but can flip my switch and suddenly shut down my feelings if hurt hurt deeply, yes my dreams are unlimited yet I want my days to be lived the simplest, yes I will talk your ear off one day and not say a word the next, yes I would forgive the unforgiven and eternally remember the slightest mistake, yes I’m hard to handle but the smoothest to absorb, yes I’m the silliest to deal with but the wisest to understand, I’m so contradicting, massively messed up but I’m real.