The Dairy Of Oblivion
2023-01-21 22:46:05 (UTC)

Hatred :DD

TW: mentions of sh I guess

I hate them all. I hate every cell in those bitches bodys. Making fun of me to the point I came home crying, then had to, well, use scissors to stop feeling like shit is a “good funny memory with my bff haha🤪🤪”. I feel like some circus animal on display for those fuckers to see. (Quick context: a girl from my class posted something like “the best memories with __ *insert some random name here*” and another girl, from the class we have p.e with answered to it [so the first one had to write ThE BeSt MemOrieS with her yk yk] and some of them included my name, I’m not that dumb not yo guess that it literally meant making fun of me lol] I think I’m overreacting but goddamnit I can’t and won’t stand bullying again! These two make me so furious, and at the same time at school when they humiliate me in front of 2 classes I can’t even make myself to say a word :) god I hate them. I hate them so much. I hate my whole life and everything and everyone I ever encountered. Like I said I’m pretty sure I’m overreacting, that’s only another reason why I think im so fucked up… my god I need to rest

Idk if you’ll understand any of this bc I can’t speak English recently hahahahah