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2023-01-21 08:05:58 (UTC)

Tamara Tattles

I have always been a creature of habit, I do try to downsize things though, like instead of recording the soaps and watching them every night I just read the recaps, have been doing this for over 20 years, saves a ton of time. Every morning, part of my ritual was to check the Tamara Tattles site, been doing this since 2008. Same time I started typing here in this diary site, I had a boring office job with a lot of free time what can I say.

Anyways, this lady recaps all the Bravo television shows, of which I am addicted to every single one of the almost, so to save time I just read her recaps. I have felt her as a friend for the past 15 years. She had been having health issues toward the end of the year, she finally posted that she was going to have to go into the hospital and would update soon. She was old school, didn't believe in updated technology so couldn't update from the hospital. I keep checking every morning, nothing new has been added since December 23rd 2022. You can see people are posting in the comment section but there are so many comments my phone never loads them, but today I was able to find out that she passed away. That sucks, she did have some family but wasn't that close to them from her stories. So she basically was a hermit with a huge online fan following, but she was loved that's for sure.