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2023-01-20 21:12:31 (UTC)

Found this old poem

2015-02-07 13:36:04 (UTC)
wow...just wow
A friend of mine from here sent me this, she wrote it...she sent it before she had even known Chad had died. I asked for permission to read it at the funeral (well not me personally I could never get through it) she said it is, absolutely beautiful

Only a mother can know
How deep a love is for her son
In her heart, she knows him…
She loved him long before they ever met -
Before she looked into his eyes for the first time
In another life, or more than one...
Her heart knows the soul she sees in his eyes
It is her son, come home to her.
Her heart overflows with so much Joy and Love
Dreams of his life ahead, a future full of promises
She thanks God, for taking such good care of her son.
She knows the natural order of life~
A child is born ~
An old man dies
God does not waiver
A gift is a gift is a gift ~ of life.
Her son is born and she loves him
More she knew love before
Deeper than she thought her heart could ever love
And God said, you will know an even deeper love
Your son is a precious gift
But he will only be here a short while
His light shines bright and I need him beside me, back in heaven.
Fear not, for I will love him and protect him and care for him
Here and always, forever after
I will keep him close to your hearts
To look after you and protect you
For his soul is dear to me
A mother’s instinct is to guard and protect
God’s wishes conflict with her heart,
with her dreams,
with the natural order of life.
She bargains with God for more time.
Her son is her heart.
God’s love for him is deeper than our own,
A mere human cannot understand
Love does not know boundaries ~
Of life or spirit
Of a love in heaven or here on earth
A mother and son have a special bondA little boy walking, his little hand reaches up to her –
She takes his hand in hers, his little fingers entwined
She protects him
Nurtures him
She teaches him to prepare for a life of endless possibilities
A life of miracles
A Mother’s Grace.
The depth of their love is more precious
With every day he is close to her.
Watching him grow,
Embracing the days, weeks, months, years
Laughter, joy, tears
Held close in their hearts
They do not take life for granted
Life is short, they know too well
God blesses them in a love so deep
It is never to be less than, because of life or death
One is the same
She holds him now, and can feel his heart beat
The life that resonates within her
His heart beat is her heart beat.
His breath, her breath.
If she could give her life for his, she would.
But God does not bargain.
She holds close, her son
To cherish the memories and love that she holds so dear
To hang onto, so tightly
Until they meet again
He will look over her with the same love
The same caring
The same heart she has given him…
To cherish a love that is shared
Deeply and forever
God blesses a mother and her son.
Doctors said he only had a few years
God gave them so much more.
To be with God again, is a love so pure
She thanks God for his glorious gift, much too short in time.
God thanks her, for taking such good care of his son.
Amen. Xo

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