Notes of Consciousness

Compressed Emotion Repressed Cognition
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2023-01-20 17:24:01 (UTC)

Why the questions ..

Why the questions
Why the perspectives
Why the individual need to feel valuable
Why the feeling and why the thinking
Reality reflecting reality
Inside of gender and circumstance
The opposite is oppositional and simultaneously gratifying
Impulses and instinctual drives
Social resources
One and the same
To be the same
To look the same
To think and feel the same
Evolution and inheritance
It speaks and behaves in every mode and behavior
Every variation of output is touched with the lineage of one’s self-efficacy
Objectively objective to result in an objective worth objectifying
The fight for individual truth
The struggle for intellectual importance
The power to fight freedom
The freedom to contemplate worth
It’s neverending
The satisfaction is in the pleasures of the gravitational relief to heal the pain the pressures of gravity contain
The only thing that has sound is the allure of one’s own potential of obtaining immortality

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