Lost for words at times
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2023-01-20 18:04:04 (UTC)

Doing what l do best, complaining🙄😌

I'm gonna do what l do best, infact l believe it's a woman's god given right. I'm gonna moan about my absofuckinglutely pant's week.

The tap washer! Well, up until last night that demon tap was drip drip dripping. During the week l noticed there was a minor leak from under the sink happily dripping in my cupboard😐🙄l couldn't deal with it during the week when l found it. So l put a contain under it. So.. last night l washed my work uniform, in you go, happily washing about, doing it's own thing. For what to happen.. when the machine was trying to drain all this water to be filling up my kitchen sink! Are you absofuckinglutely joking me right now? Quick plan of action open the back door and bail the water out with a saucepan. So not only was it absofuckinglutely freezing here last night -1 i'm bailing water out my back door that's freezing cold until my machine stopped!!!

1..2..3... and breathe!
When the machine stopped l thought l would take all the pipe work off under the sink that could possibley be blocked. Uh huh! nope nothing l could see but atleast l had access to the dripping fitting there.. righty tighty.. lefty loosey l was thinking as l got these really old pliers with my frozen fingers that had turned blue. Uh huh! I turned the wrong way and water was absofuckinglutely spraying everywhere! Quickly l turned the other way, no more spraying only a little drip. Fuck it! l put the container back underneath and shut the bloody door hoping it would rectify itself by some miracle overnight.

I don't own a plunger, so l couldn't plunge the sink. Right.. l will go to Tesco and buy some sink and plug hole unblocker. Uh huh! simple enough. I put on a pair of legging's tucked my nightshirt in, coat and trainners on and off l will go.🙄
What idiot bales out water right by the back door that has now turned into an ice rink! Smack on the floor l go.
By this time i'm done. I came back indoor's and had a bath but all the while, the leaks and water from the washing machine was playing on my mind. Then l had another idea.. l will get a Tesco whoosh delivery if they had the sink and plug hole unblocker. 30 minutes later l had this delivery and put this gloopy stuff in the plug hole. Great, just don't look in the cupboard and ignore the dripping tap and go to bed.

I woke up at lunch time today, l sneaked downstair expecting floods. Nope, l have fixed the leak under the sink. Obviously the sink was blocked as all flows nicely through the drainage pipes now. The tap washer by some miracle has stopped dripping for now. So all is good, well atleast for the time being.

Work.. l have no word's. 'M' rang in sick Wednesday night. Off course he did it's pay day Thursday. So that ment it was just myself and the new guy who only started last week. So yet again all the strain of the home was again, for the hundredth time all on my shoulders. Motherfucker's take the piss out of me. Just aswell all went well and no one decided to die.

Then.. because l went to the human microwavie (tanning) place after work to chillax l was late getting home to only see that weasle 'M' coming out of his front door with his pesky sister!!! What a twonk, l couldn't even talk to him.

Right.. being i'm going out soon this part will only be quick as l don't want to drag it over to another day.

The bloody American!!!
Don't you dare call me again EVER.
You little weasle, how dare you try and gain my attention by telling me you've been in hospital. Jesus christ l don't miss that drama. Keep trolling my diary. I am happy. Happy without you!! I'm glad your arse is in America cos i'd poke you in the eye's.

Anyway, l must dash
Until next time, take care of you x

Grateful for
Friend's and family.
Non leaking taps and pipe work