Slowly descending into madness
2023-01-20 05:23:44 (UTC)

Un poco loco

Last 2 weeks I've been down. When I say I'm down it means I don't even wanna leave my bed. To cheer myself, I started watching animated movies. And here are the reviews:

1. Coco - Right movie at the right time. It's so emotional and beautiful and also I laughed a few times. Their dialogues are perfect for someone who is going through shit. I loveeeeed the song un poco loco, I loved the plot, I loved the twist. The plot is based on Mexico's Dia de les muertos and I've only read about this in books!!! So yes, definitely the plot hit in the right spot. And I cried in the end.

2. Soul - Then I watched soul. And I equally loved this movie. Their dialogues are great as well. Specially if you’re someone like me, you would definitely admire 22. If you’re going through a phase where life feels meaningless, I'd definitely recommend you to watch this.

3. Klaus - Comparing to first 2, I found Klaus a bit slow to catch up on the plot. The build up was slow but the plot was actually genius asf. Great movie for winter times, specially for Christmas while drinking hot chocolate. I was a bit confused about the ending but hey, that's what Reddit is for.

4. Luca - Luca started out very promising and it could be a better story. Plot was nice, idea wasn’t that unique. I loved the visuals, when he started imagining stuff. Twas better than a feel good movie.

5. Raya and the last dragon - When I started watching this, I stopped after half an hour because the plot was boring me. But it's good enough to grow on you. I liked the actions in the movie and I loved the dragon, she was pretty funny. At the end of the movie, I felt like the plot was different than the animated movies I usually watch but it was good enough. You can give it a try if you want.

6. Cloudy with a chance of meatball - I watched this long-time ago. I got really mad at the protagonist. Whole movie is about him fucking up and fixing it. Dumbass.

Next up will watch Wall-e. Everyone is asking me to watch this but Idk why I told people I already did. I didn’t. I just remember a robot like thingy. Gotta watch this one.

Now to a different topic, I found something very embarrassing. I remembered out of nowhere I used to sing in an app about 5/6 years ago, I used to use a different username back then. So I tried searching for it again and OH MY GOD, I FOUND MY 17 YEARS OLD SELF'S SONG COVERS!!!! I wouldn’t say they were great or anything but I felt so much love for my young self. Then I recorded 2 songs again just 1 hour ago (katy perry's the one that got away and bruno mars's when I was your man).

This has been a different night. I feel better :")

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