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2023-01-19 17:48:03 (UTC)

Lake Tahoe

I finished this week’s challenge yesterday, so now I’m back at Lake Tahoe. Tall pines…wooden cabins…snowcapped mountains…totally not me! LOL. But the good thing about it is that I can leave anytime I want. It still makes for a nice ride. I love seeing places I haven’t been to and even some of the ones I have been to.

It was gorgeous out early in the afternoon. Around 80 degrees and partly sunny. There was a stiff breeze too. As long as I’m awake when they do it, I wish they would hurry up and replace the wooden fence. It would not only look better but might also deflect sound coming from the main road better. In the winter, we can hear vehicles at night, even if it’s nothing like the old freeway. Parts of it got blown down in the hurricane and I can see straight through to the road.

Again the honker has out-of-state visitors. Well, more like out of town, since it looks like the vehicle has an in-state plate. Four people got on the golf cart and headed for the pool for a while. Can’t tell how many people there are but there is at least one kid. A girl of perhaps 8.

Tom said he took the motorcycle out for 10 minutes before I got up, and then turned it on again after he got back and before he covered it.

The PB nut says she’s confident her latest account will “stay put.” Yeah, sure she is. And I’m sure I’ll live forever! I always know that these kinds of statements, along with her New Year’s resolution to come out of her shell, are a joke.

I thought about it and while she may have some good in her, I don’t know this person, and what I have seen smacks of instability. So I’m going to completely ignore her. She’s just not right. She may be a good writer, but normal people don’t act the way she does. Dealing with Kim is enough. I prefer to have everyone else I deal with be sane.

I had a dream that I was still friends with Paula, and she of all people lent me $225 for some reason, though I was determined not to let Tom know about the loan. I considered ghosting her and not paying the money back but knew I would feel guilty, so I didn’t. I was also introducing her to VR.