Notes of Consciousness

Compressed Emotion Repressed Cognition
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2023-01-19 20:38:36 (UTC)

Excitement ..


The explanation of dreams can’t give justice to the magnificence of the importance that dreams withhold for the individual

Intuitive understandings
Perception of perspectives
Biases and indignation


It was a water well of some kind
But more like an underground cave system that was flooded with blue ocean water

A few Wolves dived to the bottom to collect specific animals that inhabit the cave
One wolf got to the very bottom
But on its way up
found the head of one of the animals clinging to rocks swaying with the current
The wolf ate it

One wolf jumped out of the water
And started wrapping a snake around the crank of the well
The snake unwound itself and said something out loud
But it couldn’t be heard


My hybrid pet dog was resource-guarding my phone with utter pride and compassion
My dead brother was playing loud music in his room using big speakers
So that I could feel the vibration in my room


What is a dream
Why do people have them

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