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2023-01-18 22:30:25 (UTC)

No way!

I absolutely did not see this coming this year! Last time I wrote I might go on a date. Aaaand, it seems I'm really about to go on a date... now that I've been just sitting at home not really thinking about my feelings and fears anymore, just trying to go with the flow.

Something tells me that dating is serious business this time. I can't be childish anymore if I don't want to play any more games.

No, I'm not gonna create fairy tale stories in my mind! The whole thing seems so unlikely anyway! Unlikely??? After all this?

Damn, I don't think I'm ready for this! Not now and not this way!

It's getting late so I should probably get some sleep, which will help me keep my calm. So far I've succeded in that, it has never been like this before. But by tomorrow I will know more of what is yet to come so I doubt this will last forever or even for 48 hours.