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2023-01-18 16:34:24 (UTC)

New Skier

I had to try it once so I did. I used the juicer that came with the new slicer and made a small glass of orange juice out of two oranges. It was very easy to do but pulpy. Not as sweet as ready-made orange juice, but no doubt healthier.

It’s warming up again and today is the first day in nearly a week that we ran the AC. We needed it in the car yesterday when we went out to the store.

I’m so excited about the new skier we’re waiting on! Because I knew that was coming, rather than go out walking, I simply hung in back for a few minutes to get my sunlight. I noticed some large paw prints in the sand and he says they’re cats. Yeah, if they’re the mountain lion from my recent nightmare, maybe, LOL. To me, they look like a large dog’s. Really hope no one’s walking their dog back there, though I can’t see why they would.

The remaining petra leaf died, but it will be interesting to see what may pop up once the rainy season arrives since I planted several seeds in that pot. Since it’s right by the steps, I can actually take the combination sprayer and watering bucket and just open the door and give it a quick little shower.

They’re still working on the house next to Sue, and we still can’t figure out what they’re doing. Tom thought they were removing the carport, but who knows?

Anyway, I won’t write much about the skier until we’ve gotten it and used it other than that it’s a Gazelle freestyle glider, and it was $240.