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2023-01-18 01:06:28 (UTC)


The things my son comes up with...

The other day I was talking to Bryan about wanting to try edibles to aid me with sleep and manage pain...

My son chimed in..sort of laughing at me and asked if I was going to become a pot head..

I assured him I have no intention of smoking it. I have just heard that CBD can help with inflammation and reduce stress..as well as help with sleep..

I'm not trying to get high..I just want something to take the edge off...

Anyways, He tells me jokingly that if cannabis was completely legalized, he would open a restaurant and call it ... POTTIES..

His slogan, get your Burgers on the fly for the ultimate high..

I asked him where he got the name Potties?
He gave me a blank stare and just said.. Pot Patties...Potties. 😂
Kid is a genius...lol

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