Notes of Consciousness

Compressed Emotion Repressed Cognition
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2023-01-17 13:41:15 (UTC)

The distribution of the self ..

The distribution of the self and the impression it creates in the mind

The overestimation of the distributive influence one has on other people throughout their lifetime
Beginning in childhood

Is the above classified as a cognitive bias

To establish connections and evolve social relationships
Isn’t that the design

But if the reality is veiled in cognitive biases
How does it produce an efficient maturity and evolution of self and interpretations

Is that why some connections don’t seem to evolve
Or perhaps none at all

But the cognitive biases create the illusion of development and growth

Is what I’m typing and thinking right now my cognitive biases creating similar illusions

Who am I talking to
Why am I trying to evolve
What am I trying to develop

Is this all part of the design

Automatic responses
Like a sneeze

Are thoughts and emotions and expressions
Sneezes of consciousness

My exact circumstances create their own isolated configuration of understanding and interpreting reality and Sociality

I can’t see anything other than what my circumstances create

I can’t listen to reason because my mind fixates on its own variation of reason

My parents didn’t allow for opinions from their kids or to have their kids second guess their interpretation of reality

They were quintessential household authoritarians

I think this diary is to make up for all the times I couldn’t voice my interpretation to them

The reflection of transcendence has to be beyond subatomic particles and DNA