Never Broken
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2023-01-17 02:17:11 (UTC)


My dear Constance:

I am not doing anything overly productive. I’ve been looking for new books to put on my wishlist and thinking about you. Wishing you were here with me. Wishing that we were reading these books together.

Wee dog is fine. Eating well and doing grand. There isn’t enough food to eat. Sure, we have food. We’re not starving, but there’ll be no snacks or eating out or getting anything really good until the end of the month. The boys wanted some CBD for the wee dog because we were almost out of his pain bones. Then, Cirán wanted something and when I agreed, I couldn’t very well not get the others something. I walked in there planning to spend £50 and walked out spending over £300. Plus, the wee dog’s vet visit, which I did have some help with, his medications and some extra food that I bought him because whenever I go to a pet store or vet, I always feel the need to buy food For him, even when he has 25KG of food already at home. Call it my obsession.