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2023-01-17 00:54:11 (UTC)


Been a long day not that I've done much. I just haven't been sleeping well. Don't even know why.

I'm still ill and I hate it. I've been ill since November. Had 3 courses of antibiotics and 2 different ones. I know it's because of the leak and the damp in the bedroom. I've been waiting since June for the landlord to sort it and nothing has been done. I may have to call the doctor again tomorrow. Though I already have a nurses appointment. But she can't prescribe medication or probably even tell me what's wrong with me. Or why I'm not getting any better. I'll keep you updated.

He's being lovely at the moment. Well mostly. I love him so much. And I'm seeing him next week. I really can't wait. I hope he doesn't cancel it. I think we both need it. I just feel like it's not going to happen for some reason