thenamelessone's diary
2023-01-17 00:37:45 (UTC)

January 15

I’ve put up a post on a classified ad site looking for a model for photography a few weeks or maybe even months ago. It’s not a really popular site, and there are better ways to search for models, but this took no effort, and I was curious if I find anyone. I only found one girl, let’s call her Amy, and today was the photoshoot. The location was around the stadium. I only like to photograph outside, but I haven’t shot girls before in the winter, because I didn’t feel like doing it. This winter I wanted to try shooting more. I already had some potoshoots with Sophie, but those were only tests, I tried out some new things, this was a more ‘proper’ photoshoot. Amy is an experienced model, I payed her. She was really nice, I liked her. She poses well, I enjoyed working with her. I think the photos are not bad, I liked her in them, but I didn’t really like the environment. I don’t like winter, I just can’t see the beauty in it, everything is so depressing. I’ll see how the pictures will turn out once I edited them. I may shoot more in the winter, because I don’t want to wait till spring to photograph girls again. And I’ll definitely shoot Amy more, in the spring if not sooner.

In the evening I went over to Liam’s to play board games.

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