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2023-01-16 18:49:35 (UTC)

on eagles' wings

The Israel stays in the mount desert Sinai, by Moses together to build a holy nation with covenant. The Father God have the eagles' wings to bring Israel to Himself. By obey the Father's covenant, it is blessed and pleased by the life given and firmed with God.
I think God meant those who believe Him, must from sin to repent, and have fate by the life given. The eagles' wings as a symbol to obey God. For now i do whatever it takes, to cope the struggles in life. For God is there protects me.
Mainly the Father is always ready for those who turn to Him. By the love of His beloved Jesus, we can live to be holy, to be His citizen. Instead of a short temper to judge or no mercy with the punishment when evil or sins happens. We have a chance to be on His wings, and praise Him and the Son for all that life have done by His forgiveness. Its my chance, to make life the best, and not to blame the past to see whats ahead of me.