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2023-01-16 01:21:47 (UTC)

My last birthday wish for Chad

2015-01-22 15:58:08 (UTC)
Happy Birthday Son,
Happy Birthday Chad~

When I look back in time, I was truly the happiest when I was pregnant with you. Up until the time I decided to have a baby, I lived carelessly, on the edge. Partied all day long, every day. Didn't have a care in the world, reckless, then just one day I decided I wanted a baby. You grounded me, made me realize there was more to life than just having a 'good' time. You gave me a reason for living. You gave me a purpose.

I still remember holding all 5 pounds of you cuddled up close to my heart. I remember you always pulling at my ears, I called you my human earring. My ears were your comfort/security blanket. You needed me so much back then, you went through so much, always being poked, having breathing treatments blown in your face, getting 'thumped' on your chest and back. Poor little thing, probably never knew what the heck was going on. One thing was for sure, you had me, no matter what I was there for you. We have always been close, thank God for that. Even after you had your 'episode' with the hospice medicines sending you into a pyschotic break, you told me 'thanks for being my best friend for 21 years"

I have never known a love like a mother's love for her son, I can't even describe how amazing it is.

They said you wouldn't make it to age 5.....well together we showed them.

Then they came out with a new medicine, said you wouldn't make it to age 19.....well with a lot of nagging on my part to do your meds, we showed them again.

Then November 2012 the doctor said 2 more months....MAX. You were determined to live to your 21st birthday....and you did it ;)

A year later, you are now 22 years did it~ Your spirit is one of the brightest I have ever seen. I love you so much Chad, more than I could ever tell you~

Happy 22nd Birthday, to my son~