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2023-01-15 22:37:15 (UTC)

New week, a fresh start

It is Monday morning. To be honest, it is too early to wake up. Today, I am awake before my husband. So I am feeling great about it. Such a thing does not happen always. I feel like a winner. The defeated soldier is sleeping beside me.
Last week, I and my husband created a routine for us. We have different activities on our plates but we tried to put a few things at the same time. Like, we will have breakfast and dinner together, and we will exercise together. Of course I am not letting him sleep in the neighbor's house, so again he is stuck with me at night. On Friday evenings we will go outside, like, maybe someday we will go to have ice cream, someday we will just walk, someday for a candlelight dinner, or maybe someday for a movie. Saturday will be totally "me time". It is obvious that things will change and depend according to the situation but this is what we will try to follow. This will be good for us and our marriage.
Anyway, let's talk about the other things of the last week.
I made 3 different dishes for my husband. He and our maid enjoyed it. This does not mean I will cook again. Such offers come once in a while.
Thursday and Friday, in these two days I watched 8 movies: all the Harry Potter movies. My husband was like, "Do you have exams on those movies? Take a chill pill and relax." I genuinely was like, I have to complete this story before my vacation ends. That was worthy. Saturday and Sunday were very hectic. On Sunday, we had a get together with neighbors. We had a great time. They are really nice people. We spent the whole Saturday preparing for it.
I also ordered a new shoulder bag. I will receive it this week. Finally, I got my soul bag. It just looks perfect. I was searching for a such solid colored simple design for a long time.
Today I have classes to attend. I want to reach early. But I have a little bit more time. I can sleep around 2 more hours. Or should I wake up? I don't know.