Subtropical Lady

Where Pelicans Fly
2023-01-15 08:41:06 (UTC)


Between the cold and the nighttime, I slept well. A little over 8 hours and a sleep score of 90. I did get up to pee, though, and I love how I can turn off the sound machine when it’s too late for loud motors and just sleep with the air cleaner. There’s just a slight risk of a copter at that time. Wish it could always be like this!

Tom did a mini beach painting. Not bad for his first try!

Because of my gallbladder issues, I’ve been trying to tame my eating. Winddown time is at about 6:45. So breakfast will be at 7, a snack will be at noon, and my dinner will be at 5. I’m not counting calories, but I’m watching portions. I’ll have cereal and a banana for breakfast, lunch will be Vienna’s, and dinner will be tilapia with rice and veggies. I may have a handful of blueberries throughout the day.

Tom wants to get his weight blood sugar and blood pressure on the 1st and 15th of the month. He’s off to a horrible start at 279 pounds. He’s got to change his eating habits. The thing is, he hates everything and doesn’t cook. He lives on nothing but processed food.

I’m 159, but because of my thyroid, I don’t expect to get more than a pound or two lower. My blood pressure is slightly high now. I haven’t checked my blood sugar yet. I know losing weight would help with blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, fitness, mobility, and pretty much everything. But even if I was suddenly able to do that, I still worry about the med.

I was a little surprised to find my resting HR has been between 84-86 this last week, but then lately I’ve only been wearing the Fitbit to bed. I don’t feel like it’s been racing. For the next 2 days, I will cut my waiting time to 15 minutes before coffee, and then it’s 45 minutes every day, and hopes for the best! If I’m in the single digits and feeling good when lab time comes, I am not tweaking my dose.

Tom just came in and said he knew why his weight was up. He forgot to take his blood pressure medication yesterday. He said that also explains why his blood pressure is through the roof. He took it three times and it said he was 158/90. So he’s kind of waterlogged right now.

It's strange that I dream of us in big, old houses so often these days. A reflection of my longing for a bigger place? A sign of a bigger place to come in the future? Either way, we were in a three-story house that was so huge, it was almost like a mini apartment building. We were letting someone rent or stay on the 2nd floor for a while.

There was a white dog in the neighborhood that barked all the time and I was pleased to know that the guy staying with us wasn’t the only one annoyed by it. I asked if he was going to say something about it, and he said he was going to do something to the owners, although I don’t remember what. Whatever it was seemed to be more about revenge than fixing the actual problem so I wasn’t sure it was a good idea.

Then I was in a house that looked like my childhood home. A salesman came around and laid out some stuff I wasn’t interested in in the living room and I got creepy vibes from him. I managed to usher him to the door, saying that my husband would be home soon and we would discuss things and get back to him. As soon as I got him out the door, I quickly locked it. But the bad feeling lingered so I made sure both the front and back doors were locked and hoped he couldn’t pry the basement hatchway open. I caught sight of the guy lurking about the house rather than getting in his car and leaving and woke up debating whether or not I should call the cops, do nothing and wait, or go out and confront the guy.