Tru's diary
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2023-01-15 13:11:52 (UTC)

Always Whoopin's....

Since I was a little girl, I got whoopin's with a belt, or even a long, thin yellow switch. Oh how I hated that switch. I don't remember too much about my childhood but some things will never go away. I do remember however, being in preschool or first grade. Somewhere around there! I had to walk a couple blocks home and some boys were bullying me, pulling down my pants even. As I continued home, I saw an older man outside, I told him what happened and asked him to walk me home. We rounded the corner and there was my mom with her ever so precious long, thin yellow switch. The man explained what happened to me, but that didn't stop my mom from chasing me around the house hitting me with it. From that moment on, she had my Step dad do the punishing with his belt. I guess my mom didn't want to run out of breath chasing me just to hit me.
In that same house, I came home from school one day and the door was locked. I had to sit outside til in the night time. Luckily our neighbor saw this and took me, fed me and waited for my mom to get home. I guess there was no child services back then because I ask myself now, why didn't they take me........